Day in and day out, people ask porta potty companies the same questions. Are they clean? What’s that blue liquid? How many should I rent? A Royal Flush wants you to know about the products and services we provide. There are many misconceptions about porta potties, and we cannot wait to clear them up for you.

1. They’re Actually Clean

Contrary to popular belief, Porta Potties aren’t as dirty as you might think. Each portable restroom comes equipped with a sink and soap dispenser. There are extra hand sanitizer stations provided for users at most porta potties, as well!

It is also very common for porta potty companies to provide handwashing stations. That way if you don’t need the full restroom experience, you can still wash your hands. This limits your contact with potential germs and gives you more peace of mind!

If you’re concerned about the potential of a stinky situation when entering a porta potty, fret no more. Portable restrooms often come with a range of scents such as Cherry to cover any unsavory smells. Also, there is odor eliminating liquid held inside the waste holding tanks. Stink isn’t even an issue!


2. All Porta Potty Companies’ Stations are Not Created Equal

Porta potties come in all shapes and sizes. A Royal Flush offers many options ranging from luxury trailers to your basic porta potty.

    • Luxury Portable Restroom – As the Granddaddy of all porta potties, this is a top of the line toilet. With a 3-station layout comes with:
      • Ceramic Hina Pedal Flush Toilets
      • Solid Surface Countertops and Sinks
      • Wall Mounted Temperature Controls, and more
    • Integra Portable Toilet – This is our basic model, but it gets the job done. Wider doors allow for bulky clothing, tool belts, and hard hats. This porta potty is well suited for work zones.
    • Handicap/Specialty Unit – This unit is for any customers needing an accessible restroom. These models come with ramps and are wide enough for wheelchair access.
    • Handwash Stations – We provide handwash stations for those seeking an option for sanitation. These are great for work zones and for large events.


3. The Blue Liquid Debunked

“What is that blue liquid in the toilet?” It is the most popular question porta potty companies receive.  The blue liquid at the bottom of the tank is nothing but sanitizing odor eliminator.

It has powerful deodorizing capabilities and sanitizes the tank. Before the blue liquid was around, formaldehyde concealed odors. Today, it is less popular to use as it is not environmentally friendly.


4. There’s No Such Thing as Too Many

Porta potties are big event saver. Consider this. There are 200 guests and one restroom. There is going to be a problem. Count on even some bickering over who’s next in the bathroom line. Not add 8 porta potties. Scattered them around the venue. You have not eliminated the bath shortage issue you which allows people more time to enjoy the event.

Think about it. One bathroom at a 3-hour event with 200 people makes for more time spent in lines. In this case, it is better to have several toilet locations. It prevents congested areas and frustrated guests.

With porta potties, it is so easy to rent more—and there is no such thing as too many porta potties. Keep your guests happy and go the extra mile. Rent the extra porta potty. It is worth it.

Our customer satisfaction is #1. Give us a call at 405-422-2077 or contact us to discuss your next event or worksite portable restroom needs. We cannot wait to serve you.