Wondering if you and your event needs restroom services? We commonly service:

  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Skate Parks
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • City Parks
  • Runs and Races
  • Weddings
  • Block Parties
  • Outdoor Exhibitions
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Trails

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We have everything your event needs from porta potties to VIP 3-person mobile units and more.  Check out our services on the right or take a look at our units and past events. You can see some past clients below! Then make sure to get a commitment-free quote today. We respond in one business day, guaranteed. ClientsEventsFestivalsParks copy

Services Offered:

Portable Toilets/Porta PottiesLuxury VIP 3 Unit TrailerHand-Wash SolutionsFlushable Toilets with Flushable SinksHandicap Accessible Portable RestroomsHolding Tanks (150 gallons and 300 gallons)Recreational Vehicle (R.V.) Waste Removal
Our Portable Toilets are top-of-the-line, affordable, and maintain the highest sanitary standards in the industry. These units are ideal for outdoor activities, wedding events, and other large outdoor events. With a range of colors, these standard units have a 60-gallon holding tank, one of the largest in the industry. Our special construction units allow for extra room for workers with tool belts, along with more floor space and wider doors. These are available for long and short-term lease. No matter if you need 1 or 100, we can offer you an affordable rental.
The Luxury VIP 3 unit trailer continues to be one of our most popular mobile rentals with its luxurious amenities.  Perfect for outdoor weddings, festivals, and fairs, this unit’s sleek modern feel makes it a great choice for all occasions.   Some of this unit’s great features include 1 men’s restroom cube, 2 women’s restroom cube, roof-mounted Air Conditioning, fold-down ATP steps with aluminum railings, a freshwater hookup, and much more!   With three restroom cubes, this unit is perfect for large events and special events where the accessibility and style of this upscale unit are sure to impress everyone.
With each of our rentals we offer options for hand-wash solutions.  Also available as stand-alone rentals, these are great tools to ensure everyone has resources to maintain sanitary standards.   These solutions are state-of-the-art and easy to use. Perfect for outdoor conditions where dust and dirt can be kicked up by winds, such as at construction and oil/gas sites, these units provide for sanitary assurances no matter the environment.   With large gallon capacity and easy-to-use features, our hand-wash solutions are great for large job sites.
Our flushable portable restrooms are a definite upgrade from our standard units.  With the addition of flushing sinks, these units are extremely popular due to their functionality and reliability.   With a simple but sanitary flushing mechanism, these units have a separate closed-holding tank system also equipped with a flushable sink for added comfort. This mechanism improves restroom conditions tremendously.   Perfect for any upscale event or wedding, this unit has wonderful features designed for convenience and comfort.
We offer handicap accessible portable restrooms/porta potties for any event that might have a handicap or disabled persons in attendance. These units are also fitted for those in wheelchairs. Our units are ADA compliant and offer more room and comfort for those that are handicap or use wheelchairs.   These units were specially hand-crafted to support special needs individuals. This unit is popular among events that include the community.   The spacious interior is also great for families of small children that might require assistance while using the facilities.
We offer holding tanks for any preexisting units.  We have two sizes to meet your specific requirements, with a 150-gallon holding tank and a 300-gallon holding tank.   Our holding tank systems are top of the line and have ports made for ease-of-access.  This freestanding tank is perfect for indoor or outdoor, stationary, or transportable applications.   If you have any questions about your holding tank needs or if you’re unsure of the size that you will need, give us a call and we will be happy to find the right rental for you.
Finally, we offer waste removal services for your recreational vehicle (R.V.) for before, after, or during your trip.  We do all the work for you when removing the waste from your holding tanks.   Our waste removal system removes all discharge from your R.V. and leaves it fresh and clean for your next trip. Systems are not only healthy for your vehicle but also are made to save water and reduce health hazards from the discharge, making it environmentally-friendly.   Our process is clean, fast, and easy.  We will have you on your way in no time!