(Public Toilets of Ephesus Ancient City in Izmir, Turkey)

Or maybe you cannot image 7 fun porta-potty facts. Either way, we have crawled the web and found these fun facts. Enjoy everything from what a porta potty is, how many do you need, to how much they hold. Read on and enjoy!


1. What is a porta-potty?

You got it. It is easily portable and it is a bathroom. “Easily” is a relative term. They are easily portable with the right equipment. With that in mind, today’s porta potties are great for:

  • Construction sites
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Concerts


2. How Many Porta-Potties do I Need?

For small events under 100 people technically you only need one. After that, it is another for every extra 100 people. The number to rent depends on the event.

  • Are there going to be a lot of adult beverages consumed? If “Yes,” you may want to add a couple more porta-potties for that first 100 people.
  • Is it for a wedding? Again you may want a few more porta-potties so no one misses the “I dos”, first dance and the cutting of the cake.
  • Does the event cover a large area? Again it is a good idea to have porta potties at several locations making them easy to find and get to.


3. What’s the Blue Stuff in Porta-Potties?

The blue liquid at the bottom of the tank is nothing but a sanitizing odor eliminator. Don’t get me wrong. It is a powerful sanitizer and a powerful deodorizer. Be happy that formaldehyde is no longer used. The blue stuff smells much better and is much more environmentally friendly.


4. Who Invented Today’s Porta-Potty?

We have George Harding to thank for inventing the porta-potty of today. In the 1960s, George Harding patented the first version of the porta-potty. It was a polyethylene portable restroom. In the 1970’s they hit the market and took off. They were more durable, lighter and easier to move than the original fiberglass versions.


5. How did Porta-Potties get their Name?

It was a natural evolution. “Porta” is short for portable. Do you have kids or been around parents “potty” training their children? Well, there you go. “Potty” was already being used. “Porta-Potty” naturally evolved as an easy to remember and identify the name. That leads us to the next natural question.


6. Which is the Right Name for Porta-Potties

The name used depends on where you are. Travel around the world for the many different portable toilets. Here are a few different names that we have come across:

  • Porta-john
  • Honey bucket
  • Honeypot
  • Porta-loo
  • Portable restrooms
  • Johnny-on-the-spot
  • Portable toilets
  • Jon
  • Jiffy-Jon
  • Toi-Toi
  • Portable trailer restrooms
  • Spiffy Biff
  • Portalets


7. How much waste can a porta potty hold?

70 gallons or 265 litters.


Now that you have the Porta Potty Facts…

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