Licensed &Certified
Oklahaoma Septic & Aerobic Tank Cleaning

  • DEQ Licensed & Certified
  • State & City Licensed & Certified

A Royal Flush, a homegrown company out of Oklahoma City, first opened its doors in 2010.  Serving the entire Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, the company was started to help individuals and businesses alike with their portable restroom solutions.  Focusing on the community and the customer specifically, A Royal Flush wanted to make sure the customer’s needs were met while building a relationship with the client, instead of being just another number on a roster.

James Hillis, the Owner, and Operator of the company began the company after a career serving the community and his country. Hillis moved his way up the ranks in Oklahoma from Patrol Sergeant to Detective, to Police Chief. Hillis also worked as a contractor in Iraq, training the local Iraqi police force during the war. His dedication and efficiency lead him to found his first company, A Royal Flush, solely with the community and customer in mind.

Today, A Royal Flush employs several people and has hundreds of units on hand to meet the needs of the customer. Our clients include the Oklahoma State Fair, all Oklahoma City Parks, the International Bluegrass Festival, Color Runk 5K, and so many more. With a passion for the community, A Royal Flush plans to continue to focus on portable restroom solutions for Oklahoma City and its outstanding residents.


“A Royal Flush Owner and Operator, James Hillis, taking customer calls”

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