Planning an Outdoor wedding or even a cozy affair at your home? A luxury porta potty rental is the perfect way to enjoy your special day without being stressed about adequate restrooms. Below are the top reasons you should rent a luxury porta potty for your wedding.



Have you ever been to a wedding that only has one bathroom?

The lines are long and let’s be real, the women in line for the restroom can be vicious. By utilizing multiple luxury porta potties, this problem is completely eliminated.

Porta potties are easily transported and can be strategically placed throughout the venue. This decreases bathroom line wait times helps with crowd control.

There is nothing worse than having the conga line going through the congested bathroom line.



When it comes to your wedding day, every detail matters. So having the proper amenities is important. There are different options to select from for the optimal luxury porta potty rental.

Every wedding has unique needs when it comes to facilitating for the attendees. Here at A Royal Flush, we offer Luxury VIP 3 Unit Toilets, Flushable Toilets with Flushable Sinks, and even Handicap Accessible units. There truly is a unit for every bride.

  • Luxury VIP 3 Unit Toilets include 1 men’s restroom cube, 2 women’s restroom cubes, roof-mounted Air Conditioning, fold-down ATP steps with aluminum railings, a freshwater hookup, and much more!
  • Flushable Toilets with Flushable Sinks include flushing systems and hand wash stations. With the addition of flushing sinks, these units are extremely popular due to their functionality and reliability.
  • Handicap Accessible Units are fitted for those in wheelchairs. The units are ADA compliant and offer more room and comfort for those that are handicapped or use wheelchairs.



Every bride has a different budget in which to work with. There is no need to break the bank when selecting a luxury porta potty.

Whether your wedding is a small outdoor event, or you have a 1,000 person event, there is an affordable option for everyone.

At A Royal Flush, we are happy to work with you to find the perfect economical solution for your wedding.



Let’s face it. Porta Potties have a bad reputation for being unsightly and dirty. This doesn’t have to be the case with a little creativity.

By personalizing your porta potty, you can transform your restrooms to fit the unique theme of your wedding.

Instead of leaving the porta potties without décor, many people decide to decorate their portable toilets. Many brides use flowers to decorate the exteriors of their porta potties. 

Another cute idea is designating male/female restrooms by placing photos of the bride on the female restroom and photos of the groom on the male restroom. This adds a personal touch to your restroom and gives guest something to smile about.

Not to mention—it is going to be fun to see your shocked guests when they realize that the beautiful tented area covered in flowers and photographs is actually your restroom station!


Here at A Royal Flush, we seek to elevate your event and meet all of your unique needs. Seeking a luxury portable restroom system for your wedding? Give us a call at 405-422-2077 for your free, no-commitment quote today!