In the wake of the Supreme Court decisions to overturn key parts of DOMA & reject an appeal on California’s Prop 8, expect to see many runners in OKC for the 2013 Equality Run 5K/10K, being held at the Stars & Stripes Park this weekend.  395716_197783153703368_1007622124_n

On Saturday, June 29th hundreds of Oklahomans and people from all over the country are expected to come out and run the 5k/10k in support of LGBT rights within the greater Oklahoma City metro.  Scott Hamilton, Executive Director of the event, believes that the cause behind the run will help propel the city forward, ““If Oklahoma City is to become the ‘major league city’ it has the potential to be, we must first demonstrate an unwavering commitment to true equality for every citizen of our state. Your participation in the 2013 Equality Run will truly enable you to be an agent of change. Change for today and for generations to come!”

You can register online at  Space is limited and there are currently only 38 spaces available.

For more information, visit their website at and check their Facebook page for daily updates at